Jennifer Vollmers

Hi, I’m Jennifer. 


I live in the land of snow and lakes with my girls (18 and 12), my boys (15 and 22), and a spoiled and lazy pug.

I write to explore what I’m learning and observing, to try out ideas and see where they fit.  Lately, that looks like considering identity - encouraging myself and my readers to understand who we really are, who God really is, and what life can be like when we live as our true selves.

I'm always up for binge watching Marvel movies or old musicals, getting immersed in a museum, or exploring a new place.  I prefer my chocolate dark, my coffee iced, my music loud.  I love a chair at a table with a friend or a stranger, sharing where we've been, what we've learned, and lots of laughter.

About The Big Table Life

So much happens at the table.  Conversation and laughter.  We pull out the large life topics and the challenging questions.  We laugh and play games and talk about the weather.  Art happens here - painting and sewing and writing and math.  And food!  So much eating.  New recipes and family favorites.  Birthdays and holidays and everydays.   


This is where we do life.  Sharing, growing, questioning, learning.  Rejoicing, grieving, resting.  Living.  It’s loud and quiet and large and intimate. 


It’s the Big Table Life.  

© 2019 by The Big Table Life


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